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entire crew, jim saying so long from the park. now we head out to o's extra. tom davis and rick dempsey to recap the game. take it way, tom. >> >> tom: tom davis together with rick dempsey. the orioles tie not guilty game twice and lose it go in extra innings. 17-8 to the angels. how tough is it? >> this is the worst kind. the orioles were down four runs at the start of the ballgame. they come back and get close and they are down four runs again. they end up tying the ballgame late and coming back. they had their opportunity, they just couldn't get that run. they were within two feet when adam jones hit the ball down the left-hand lane another two feet and there game was over with then. they battled the angels. the double play situation. they came up big in the 11th and the 12th and the 13th inning they blew them out at that point right there. it is devastating because so many guys, it looks like they had bad days. but there were a lot of good days out there for the orioles too. one night after the next they scored 16-6 in the first game. now they lose this game here 17-8. it is heartbr
ready to start. tom davis together with rick dempsey and now joined by rocco on sunday. >> i thought it was casual sunday. >> this is casual. >> come on. he is just trying to show the guns off. >> you have march there on your logo -- you have masn there on your logo. the orioles get this young guy to first base, now they have three. you think about michael aubrey, and also brenden snyder. >> pretty soon we are going to have it shirt tuesday here. they are stocking up. they went after this guy. usually a player to be named is a guy from the lower levels of the minors, but they specifically we want after him. he had good numbers. hit .313 in aaa, and andy calls him a late bloomer, he really likes his bat and this really is insurance here. if they don't resign aubrey hoff, if they let him go as a free agent, they have him. you have michael ab brea, now john hughes, maybe hughes is the guy that holds down to florida in spring training or he is good enough he takes the job. we don't know. they may pursue a first baseman in trade or free agency but this is another bat. apparently he is fai
with an earned run average of 4.7. tom davis with rick dempsey and a beautiful bright sunshiny afternoon in baltimore. the orioles try to go for the 4- game series with the cleveland indians. watching the game a bit. chris pitching and chad mullen took it, taking his hand and going like this and out there on the mound. very -- demon straightive in his effort to try to throw the ball low. tell us about catching it and what that is like and being that vocal behind the plate. >> tom what, he was trying to do is communicate with the pitcher on every pitch, something that you have to do, especially when you have a young pecking staff like the orioles have. you have to constantly remind them what you want them to do until they get capable of doing it themselves. you thought that mueller was back there trying to remind the piper every single pitch to stay in the zone and every thing he saw, whether it was move the glove to the right or left or try to keep the ball down, he communicated with him. that is the number one key working with the staff and being successful on the field and mueller's a
halladay. he is 19-4 against the orioles in his career. hello, everybody. tom davis with rick dempsey. welcome to the masn studio, a half hour before the orioles take on the drop toe blue jays. you think about roll halladay -- roy halladay is one of the best pitchers in baseball. what do you think the young oriole pitchers should do? >> rick: i hope they are watching. not only the way he goes about, but how he prepares he wants to go 9 innings every single day. i have seen a manager come to the mound try to take him out with over 120 pitches, and he refuses to leave. that's the kind of toughness that you want to see. i hope that the orioles watch that tonight. >> tom: the orioles get ready for the third and final game. let's go up to toronto and visit with wjz's mark viviano. >> hello, tom. the roof is closed here because of thunderstorms. there will be baseball. don't worry. but not for brian roberts. he has a bruised shin suffered yesterday. he told dave trem plea that he could play but they didn't want to take any chances. this is the season of transition. eight rookies have made m
brad with us in the studio. rick dempsey, you have so many connections that we were able to get the brad bergesen t- shirts here a little early. i don't know how often you have seen the beating that you took on the line drive. let's take a look at it. i'm curious what you were thinking as soon as it hit you and the moments after that. >> i'll be honest. my first thought is where is the ball? i kind of saw that it bounced off and wet was able to throw him out. i was just pretty pumped that it saved two runs. it put me out for a couple of weeks. it was good that nay didn't score. >> you have to be happy the way things have started in your major league career so far. your first outing was outstanding, and it seems like you just kind of got locked in. what was the difference between the very first game, what did that feel like, and then from the transition period, from what i call where you really started to get locked in? i think learning to make adjustments. the hitters are just so good and even during the game working with cranny. he would come up to me in between innings, zauny,
major league debut for the minnesota twins. welcome to our masn studios. tom davis with rick dempsey. tillman pitched 5 2/3 last night. ' a-- allowed a couple of runs. when you see somebody improving, what do you look for out of pitchers improving? >> i think one of the biggest hurdle any young pitcher has to get across once you gets to the major league level is throw his breaking ball over the plate when he is behind in the count. that seems to be the little iffy area with most of them. like they did in the minor leagues u-they got behind in the cowfnlt they threw theirfastballs whether it be inside or outside. most of the time they could overpower pitchers. that's why these guys are at the major league level because they could do that at the minor league level. once you get up here, you can't throw as many fastballs by the big boys. you got to learn to change speeds. you've got to learn to throw things in counts where you're in fastball counts so the breaking ball in breaking ball counts throw the fastball. you kind of switch things up. one you get over the hump, once you get a pit
. let's send you back to the studio. o's xtra, tom davis and rick dempsey coming right up. take it away. o's xtra post game. rick, i think you stayed all just a couple of second ago, it was like the senior member putting on the excellent performance for the rookie member into into it was tough. the orioles had him on the roams early in the game but were not able to overcome him. he keeps battling you, gets double play the turned behind him. the guy knows what he is doing out there on the mound. when he gives umm some runs, that's within that damage control area. that was his 10th consecutive win again the orioles. he has the highest winning percentage against this team and for some reason, we can't seem to overcome here. the orioles wind up losing 7-3 but they got up on the board pretty quickly as we take a look at some of the highlight. luke scott comes in with the rbi. single down the right field line. >> rick: luke scott has
the dugout mr. earny tyler. --erniee tyler. al bumbry and you used to catch rick dempsey. up with of the great pitchers from the past, dick hall. one of the most recently inducted hall of famers welcome home chris hoyles. >> here he is. number 8 cal ripkin, jr. [ applause ] i would like to welcome and thank two advocate representatives here on the stage, president john ross and hall of fame chairman for 2009 bob murphy. it is a fraternity conceived in 1977 by the oriole advocates. it is administered by the advocates today. how about everything the group, the advocates does for the club. [ applause ] the first presentation and induction is no the herbert armstrong award that who made a contribution to the club. this year's inductee has done all three. it is fitting she is the first woman presented with the award. she joined the o's back in 1982 as a base belle, an assistant to the public relations department. while she was still a student at what is now towson university she went 26 years founding the communicate relations department in 1984 at a time when clubs focus was in t
him in his conversation rick dempsey talking about the down and away 2 slip-and-fall seemer. >> jim: there is a strikeout. came back from 3-1 to get him, 4 and away in the 4 right inning. >> buck: 3-2 fastball downpour and away, where he has most confident, and strikes out jamey carroll. great move, great location. >>> 2 down in the cleveland 4th inning, here is asdrubal cabrera. breaking ball stays inside, 1- 0. cabrera was called out on strikes, his first at-bat, one of the four strikeouts in the game for masterson. >> buck: again, let's really focus on the glove of matt wieters as he is trying to get brian matusz to focus on it and get the location of it, down, down, bottom to have strike zone. and brian matusz, by his own admission, felt like the glove was elevating it as the pitch was being delivered and that pitch follows the glove. that is the bull's eye. >> jim: tie, ball 3. so back-to- back, 3 ball counts. now bob davison just called a ball. that is too much. then he went to his mouth after he got the ball back and called ball four. so that is the first base runner of the g
and rick dempsey. >> jim: and welcome to o's extra post game here on masn. brought to you by verizon. the orioles wound up winning, getting four-game split for the cleveland indians, wing by a count of 0-2. let's go back -- 5-2. let's go back to brian matusz. you have had nice conversations with him. >> the young man is easy to talk to and outspoken when you get him talking about pitching. i said, you know something, i have called a lot of guys that look just like you, left- handed. change of speed, good command of all of their pitches. before the season is over, you could with pitching in the big leagues. he didn't believe me but there he is. the first three or four starts, it was iffy, nervous, tense, over throwing with the body, but he said yesterday, rick, i feel something different about the way i threw my last bullpen. i haven't been relaxed enough, nice and easy going. i said tell me what it feels like when your behind, he says he released it out here. well, today he wasn't telling me a lie. he looked awesome out there today. he really had an ooutstanding game. so nice and rel
but away from the field. >> how did you replace rick dempsey. >> i didn't slide far to start when i tried it. >> he hit higher than my last .215. mickey we appreciate the visit. good to have you back. nice to be back in baltimore, good people here. >> one of 89 why not orioles. they finished two games out and they almost went to postseason. we'll get the scouting report to pitching matchup. lackey going against madiz. the rookie looking for a second big league win.   matusz getting ready for hi start. when he addressed the media dave trembley was asked about him facing a first place team. >> he will be up for it. especially leaving the game early his last start against toronto. he will have on the stay away from the middle of the plate with these guys. >> so brian matusz on the mound. >> his debut was a great day. he used all the pitches, changes speed. went 5 inning, gave up one earned run. gave up 6 hits in the first outing. he showed what we have down in the minor league. 4 steps in one year. a, double-a, triple-a and the big league only an hour and a half away. h
since july the 10th, spanning 7 start. tom davis with rick dempsey. last night the orioles lost 7- 6. felix pie made two base running blunders. what did you see from the game, rick? >> well, say there's not a lot of hitting with men in scoring position. and they're giving up a lot of opportunity right now. seems like aubrey huff left the team, the middle of that line- up has struggled to get guys in. i know that trembley has used a million different line-ups since that all-star break trying to find something that will produce some runs for the orioles. they're struggles on the road now, also. they have struggled all season on the road. >> last night the young pitcher had 7 hits, a couple of walk asks three runs. he sums up his work last night. >> i didn't think i had my best stuff today. i never really good go spot a groove. i was never really consistent, and the tempo of today's game was pretty slow from the get go on both sides, so it was really tough to get out there and get in a good groove, but, you know, i thought i was able to battle today. >> we hit the ball, had guys on base
. >> tom: tom davis with rick dempsey after the orioles lost to the toronto blue jays 7-3. cesar izturis went 2-for-4 with an rbi double. izturis is standing by with wj seo's mark viviano. >> you got some good swings off halladay. tell us what it was. >> it was good. we hit good, especially against halladay. you know, everybody knows he is tough, you know, but in the end, it was not good enough. today is another day. we have to come back tomorrow and see what happens tomorrow. >> you have been playing some shortstop behind some young pitchers. what did you see from brian? those three home runs undid him a little bit i yeah, leaving the pitch up there, playing in the big leagues, you pay. but he learns from that. he is a good guy, good pitcher. >> back to halladay, seems like you have faced some very tough pitchers on this road trip. seems like every day, you face a good one. >> yes. definitely. that's playing in the american league east. but you go out and play your game. >> tom: izturis with a .267 average with two home runs and 10 rbis. >> go out there and get only ins, you know, but i
he was catching. scioscia played, we were talking on friday, he was a teammate of rick dempsey. never saying he didn't play well, but he had a real good year. scioscia a big homerun in the extra innings and in the playoffs and the dodgers win. against the angels. or excuse me the a's. that was a kurt gibson homerun off dennis eckersly. >> jim: 2-1 the count on moeller. >> jim: that is going to go all the way to the wall. aybar has the ball. an rbi double by mole and once again it is a two run game. the bullpen is scrambling as wiggington scrambles around the bases. right here finds the gap. hunt soldier going to get to it quickly. for a big guy, wiggington can control. you can see that secondary lead, he is off. looking over his shoulder right here. he comes to the finish line there he is, run number four. so the orioles have answered all this after two outs and nobody on. maybe the line drive by reimold changed the inning the orioles have had very good swings since. the reimold line drive. scott hit it out. runners in scoring position. orioles are third in the lead. this against the
's telecast, a masn presentation. now for o's extra, tom daves and i rick dempsey. >> it was a close game, interesting one to watch. pick ship highlights in this, as brian roberts comes through with with another double. rbi double to right center field. gives the orioles a 1-0 lead. this is the part of the ball game you just really hate to say something like this happen. matt wieters cannot gets over in front of this ball, can't find it. minnesota comes in to score the tying run on a wild pitch. >> jason kubel will come through with enough to score the tie breaking run, and twins take a 2-1 advantage at this point. the horse yeahs best chance came in the top half of the 7th inning. melvin mora comes up with two runners on and gets the ball hit to morneau at first, covers the bag at first, inning over, and the orioles strand two there, and end up losing to the minnesota twins 2-1. the orioles 7-16 during the month of august, 3-4 on this road trip. time now to go back out to the metrodome in minneapolis where jim hunter and buck martinez are waiting. hello, jim. >> hello, tom. tough game he
. the o's and blue jays getsing ready to play this three-game set. jim hunter with rick dempsey. all of these young players now that are being given a chance to show what they can do as they learn how to win at this level. the question is who do you go do in this organization maybe to talk to about what it is like to win? we found somebody, the first base coach and he asked shelby about his millionries about what it took to win and the experience, how they played it on the field. >> i still remember games where we were losing by three runs, four runs, in the bottom of the seventh inning at home and i can hear eddie murray's voice saying we got them right where we want them. the next thing you know we were walking a team off the field. these guys had tremendous amount of confidence. they believed they could win. we had a very good ball club. there was no way in the world i ever actually felt like i could lose being around a bunch of guys like that. that was instilled in me. in 1988, i can't say we were more talented than the 1983 tam, but we were very close together. we played hard. w
and jim dempsey. birds looking to snap back. rick, when you look at the season, we knew what it was going to be all about, the younger players arriving in baltimore, they're part of the future, trying to work their way in and figure it out. we knew there was going to be inconsistencies. i have to believe that as the players go through this, they and the team are going to benefit long-term. >> they will. they're going to learn things that they don't like to see most of the time and it's losing. this is how you're going to find out what kind of players they are in the future. what nolan reimold is going to be like when he approaches next season when they wipe the slate clean. is he going to make some of the mistakes that he's made this year, and every single player has to look forward themselves. they've got to start rounding out into a much better ball club. they've dealt with losing streaks, they know what that part of the game is all about, they've had to sit on the other side of the field and watch while those other guys celebrate all the time and you have to feel what it's like to be i
in jim hunter with rick dempsey. where have you been for two week ? i have been looking all over for you. >> you are back oh to the minor leagues again. >> no. i'm back on "o's xtra." i want to ask you about another disappointing loss. the 19th game this year the orioles have lost by one run. being competitive is fine, but what does this team and maybe the individual players collectively become a team, what do they have to do to get it to the next step? >> jim, there have been so many heart break games this year that you can look back at most of them and say there was one defining moment where you can say some fundamental of baseball where the team kind of broke down a little bit. if you look at last night's ballgame, it comes down to a principal. i know melvin mora talked about it about going to the mobbed about telling the pitcher. one of the principles never really to try to throw any hitter inside, and especially in today's game when you're behind in the count because you don't want to give them an opportunity to know what is coming and be able to pull the ball that's what happened l
wieters talking with mark, and rick dempsey obviously picked out that music in the orioles' clubhouse as wieters is 2-3, batting average up to .275 with the 15 rbi's. tomorrow, it is the middle game of this three-game series and a battle of rookies again. chris tillman looks for his first win against brett cecil. tillman has pitched well and a couple of his no decisions. >> it was rough trip in detroit. he gave up five earned runs in six innings. he went out there and he gave it his best effort. he has to get the e.r.a. down a little bit. you see him a little bit here in his very first game that he pitched against kansas city. he was a little better than fur and 2/3. a pretty good curve ball that is one thing we have noticed already. a little bit of a straight fastball. he needs to locate it better against the detroit tigers. he suffered through a couple of innings. and you learn a little bit. tomorrow, it is a 1:00 game in the afternoon. "o's xtra" at 12:positive 30. the o's look to have back-to- back wins. thank you forjoining us on "o's xtra," rick dempsey, and the crew, and the as
.974.6006 tty/v  hi, everybody. jim hunter and rick dempsey getting ready for "o's xtra" post-game. we talked about the orioles needed a bounce back game. let's see, 13 runs, that qualifies as a bounce back game. >> and 15 hits. huh about the night take pie had with another home run together and matt wieters, three hits, four rbi's on the night. nick markakis, his usual three. >> three-run home run here, three-run home run there. >> we're coming back with a happy recap. but first back to the booth. >> gary: thank you very much. there is your final line. the orioles outhitting them 15- 12 and let's go down the am were. >> here with nick markakis, 13 runs. does that show what this team is capable as for as offensive production? >> i think so. we have good approaches. we're waiting for that pitch to hit and maybe i mitted -- missed it. it is good to see. it is a learning process. we have a lot of young guys on the team. i think things are coming around great now. >> it was tough loss last night for you guys, but to have these young players come out here and battle today, how good is it is
's xtra" now tom davis and rick dempsey. >> "o's xtra" post-game. the orioles just lost on delmon young rbi single. minnesota 7-6 over the orioles. when you look back at it, it's the first time minnesota was on top in the ballgame. they had so many opportunities. >> they did. orioles twice this three-run lees leads in that. they jumped out to a three-run lead. they let minnesota come back from this point right there. they took a three-run lead in two. it was the sixth inning of the ballgame. bottom of the six inning, baltimore and loath the bases and gives up an rbi single and walks a couple people. it was -- it was just one of the nights where the orioles just seemed -- they could not keep this lead no matter what. it was almost like they were playing to play in a tie ballgame and go to the bottom of the ninth and it didn't work out. had it not been a 3-2 count when nick markakis gets the ball, i'm sure he throws a runner out at home. >> not only that, orioles strand nine including three at second in the game. it was a tough night trying to knock in key runs earlier in the ballgame. we
. for rick dempsey, i'm tom davis. thank you for watching msam. now at chili's -- welcome to chili's. start your three-course meals with a shared appetizer. for a second course, choose two entrees from over 15 chili's favorites, like our big mouth bites -- the mini burgers with giant layers of flavor. or a half-rack of our triple-basted baby back ribs. then save some room to share a decadent dessert. a lot of bold flavors, for a limited time only. chili's -- you just don't let it bother you. you know? you have patience. you just live your life and run your race, you know? yesterday was ridiculous. it was unnecessary. i had a lot of fun. it was a hard race. i wanted to win bad. congratulations to 88. he did his job. we ended up second. i let it go at that. in a lot of ways i feel sorry for kyle that, you know, he lives that a ng, you know, about stuff, something so small. you know, i hope he can get past it. i don't have any hard feelings. i'm ready to just go race. that's the way i approached today. i told him and i have always told him this, for many incidents we've had in the past. i'm go
's game one of a four game hold offer series. jim hunter, rick dempsey. the orioles yesterday had their first day off in three days. tonight they start a stretch of playing in 20 more straight days. that means the continuing education of the young pitchers. tonight it's chris tillman. he goes against a veteran team in first place. >> its going to be a tough game any way you look at it. mike, second half of every season always has the team ready and the games where the team blows every out he lieutenants them play. i'm glad that tillman is out. i love his outing in toronto. he went out and pitched. he didn't just go out and throw and try to survive a good line up. he moved the ball around, he changed speeds, threw the breaking ball behind in the count and pitched like a ten year veteran. >> the angels come to town with the second best record in the american league. they are also the top hitting team in the league. let's get more on the task at hand for chris tillman and the orioles. >> reporter: there is no question this is a big for the big rookie. there is a big reason why the
with rick dempsey. a lot of sub plots, as we just heard, brian had a very interesting night. he had a huge night at the plate. he had a couple of stolen bases and twice on the bases he was involved in outs on the bases. sometimes if you're a key player, the ball finds you. >> well, one of them was a blunder. earlier in the ballgame, you got to go back. swings the bat very good all night long. later on he hit the ball to the gap in right center field and he gets that one in there for his second hit of the ballgame. again, later on in the ballgame, too, in the fifth inning, his third hit of the ballgame. so swinging the bat was no problem with brian roberts tonight, he drives in that big run that puts the orioles up in that ballgame here. now the play at home plate, now brian roberts gets caught. you don't know whether or not he was told by the third base coach whether he was running on contact, but later on in the game there he is coming around third base, there was only two outs if he gets caught. brian roberts get caught not knowing how many outs there were. i know he probably is very 'em
they're asking about here is where is rick dempsey? talking about that orioles bullpen, certainly one of the reasons for the recent success. the bullpen is pitching to answer ra of 1 on this road trip. the coach said the success of the bullpen starts with the starting pitchers, because they've been staying if the game longer. in addition to that, all the releashers now are adjusting to rules, since george sherrill was traded and jim johnson has moved into the closer role, they're all starting to get it figured out. more from allen dunn. >> it just helps from that standpoint of knowing this is kind of where i'm going to be used, so you start getting your mindset of, hey, i may be in the ball game right here, and i think that helps, as well, and right now, i think guys are doing that, and then they're just -- when they're called upon, taking the call, whether it's to go in and get one out, an inning and a third, or two innings, whatever the case may be, you still have to go in and do your job. >> reporter: does confidence build with success? they have a different feel to them maybe rig
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